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Celebrity Afterlife Report
Catch up with all your favorite deceased celebrities
Category: Comedy
Location: Everywhere, USA
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August 15, 2017 12:58 AM PDT

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Glenn Campbell recently arrived in the Next World. A special someone was on hand with a surprise for Glenn and his fans. We'll tell you who it was and what he did that had the crowd in stitches.

Avant-garde composer John Cage was notorious on the Earthly Plane for his unconventional methods of music writing. He's currently touring the Afterlife with a full orchestra. You've never heard anything like one piece they play at every show, however.

Gilda Radner's comedy superhero movie has suspended production. No one is saying exactly why but we'll fill you in the current speculation.

Speaking of movies, there's been a huge shakeup in the making of Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat's oddball film--and it'll change everything about it.

August 08, 2017 02:45 AM PDT

June Foray, longtime voice of many cartoon characters, just arrived in the Next World. A special someone was on hand to greet her upon her arrival. Also she immediate got an intriguing job offer. Wait til you hear who gave it to her and what it is.

We now know who will be playing Gilda Radner's boyfriend in her still unnamed comedy superhero movie. It's someone we've featured recently on the Report.

Joanie Laurer, known as Chyna when she wrestled on the Earthly Plane, recently starred in a stage production of The Taming Of The Shrew. She received critical acclaim for her performance but the accolades seem to have gone to her head. The company has brought someone in deal with her bizarre demands. We'll tell you who that someone is.

A formerly popular Afterlife reality TV show has been canceled suddenly. Which show is it and why did the producers shut down productions?

July 25, 2017 02:11 AM PDT

Actor John Heard, best known as the dad in the Home Alone movies, just transitioned to the Next World. He seemed very happy to be in the Afterlife but did anything mar his arrival ceremony? You'll find out.

Chester Bennington, singer for Linkin Park, also just made his Afterlife debut. Someone with a questionable past approached him after his arrival ceremony. Who was it and how did Bennington react to his approach?

Walt Disney and Steve Jobs are rumored to be on the outs these days. Some are saying that Disney is preparing something to embarrass his business partner. What is it and what are people saying about it?

Jean-Michel Basquiat is reportedly upset by what he sees as showboating on the part of his creative partner, fellow artist Salvador Dali. What strange thing is Dali loudly bragging about to anyone who will listen?

July 18, 2017 12:13 AM PDT

"Night of the Living Dead" director George Romero just transitioned to the Next World. The person who gave him his first show biz job was on hand to greet him. You'll never guess who he is.

Academy Award-winning actor Martin Landau also just arrived in the Afterlife. Someone very famous showed up at his welcoming ceremony to razz him about an extraordinary opportunity Landau turned down early in his career. Who was it and how did Landau react to the ribbing? We'll tell you.

Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat are not happy about the changes director Stanley Kubrick is making to,their movie project. Now Dali has something new to be upset about--and it involves the Earthly Plane. You won't believe when you hear what it is.

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney are reportedly not speaking to each other. The two publicly deny the rumor but a recent announcement gives credence to the story. What's going on with Mediopolis, the town formerly known as Trump City, that they co-run?

June 27, 2017 02:06 AM PDT

Instagram star Rebecca Burger has transitioned to the Next World after a whipped cream maker exploded in her hand. We'll tell you what happened to her upon her arrival that caused her to flashback to the accident.

Stanley Kubrick is hiring actors George C. Scott and Peter Sellers for the Salvador Dali/Jean-Michel Basquiat movie he's directing. You'll never guess what parts they're going to be playing.

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney have reportedly settled their feud over Mediopolis, the town they co-run. What have they agreed upon? You'll find out.

The search for an actor to play the boyfriend of Gilda Radner's character in her upcoming superhero movie has narrowed down to two famous actors. You may be surprised when you hear who they are.

June 20, 2017 12:27 AM PDT

Actor Steven Furst, "Flounder" in Animal House, just arrived in the Next World. Someone there had a shocking surprise for Jim. Who was it and what did they have to tell him?

Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat are having second thoughts about hiring Stanley Kubrick to direct their crazy movie. Wait til you hear who Kubrick is reportedly considering hiring to act in it and the unusual way he wants to film the flick.

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney are also having creative differences. We'll tell you the strange reason Disney wants to change the name of their co-run town.

We now know a little bit more about the upcoming Gilda Radner movie in which she plays a reluctant superhero, including the unusual name of Sir Roger Moore's character in it.

June 13, 2017 12:28 AM PDT

Adam West, TV's Batman is a new addition to the Next World. He was greeted by a large enthusiastic crowd. In the throng was a special person with a gift for Adam. Wait til you hear what it was.

Sir Roger Moore has accepted a role in the upcoming superhero movie starring Gilda Radner. We'll tell you everything we know about the movie and Sir Roger's part in it.

Actress Glenna Headley did something unusual upon her arrival in the Afterlife that shocked the people there to greet her. Why were many disappointed by it. You'll find out.

Jimmy Piersall, baseball player who wrote a book about his struggles with mental illness is now a resident in the Next World, he has an offer that some think will turn into a debacle. What is it and why do people think Piersall is walking into a trap?

June 05, 2017 06:42 PM PDT

Kubrick, Dali, Disney, Jobs

Legendary director Stanley Kubrick has taken over the reins so the oddball movie being produced by artists Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat. How are the three eccentrics getting along? We'll tell you.

Speaking of potentially disastrous collaborations, word is that Walt Disney and Steve Jobs have very different opinions about how Mediopolis, the town they operate, should be run. Apparently the two have reached a compromise, at least for now. We'll give you the details.

Chriss Cornell of Soundgarden just arrived in the Next World. He got an intriguing job offer almost immediately. Did he jump at the chance? You'll find out.

Sir Roger Moore also just arrived on the Afterlife scene and he too has job offers. We'll tell you what they are and what we know about them.

May 22, 2017 07:12 PM PDT

A new cast member has been added to "Happy Wife, Happy Life," the convoluted hit Next World sitcom. Who is it and how do they fit into the already (overly?) complicated storyline?

We now know some facts about the new project involving Gilda Radner and her husband Gene Wilder. Why are some saying it sounds all wrong for Gilda?

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dali have turned to an unlikely source for help,with the crazy movie they're making inside iVironment. You'll be surprised when you hear who it is.

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney are having a disagreement over Mediopolis, the town formerly known as Trump City. Find out why what they decide will affect every resident of the community.

May 15, 2017 06:13 PM PDT
itunes pic

Actress Erin Moran of "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" fame arrived recently in the Next World. She didn't have longbto wait before she was offered a great gig. What will Erin be doing soon? We'll tell you.

There's trouble on the set of the upcoming "Forbidden Planet" musical starring Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis. One of the co-stars is acting unprofessionally. You'll be shocked when you hear who it is.

Big things are happening in Mediopolis, the town formerly known as Trump City. Visitors to the town will be greeted by non-humans. Wait til you hear what Steve Jobs and Walt Disney have planned for tourists.

We now know some of the other comedians who will be joining Don Rickles on a comedy tour of the Afterlife. Also, one big name turned down an invite to join the tour. You'll be surprised when you hear who said "no thanks."

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