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Celebrity Afterlife Report
Catch up with all your favorite deceased celebrities
Category: Comedy
Location: Everywhere, USA
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September 26, 2017 12:59 AM PDT

We'll, it didn't take long for actor Frank Vincent to find a job in the Next World. While it has elements of roles you've seen him in, one detail will make your head spin.

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin have broken up again. What did the legendarily difficult-to-deal-with Lewis do to cause Martin to walk out on him? We'll tell you.

We now know why the upcoming comedy superhero movie starring Gilda Radner is on hold. Someone is being a diva...and it may not be who you're thinking of.

A pro-Donald Trump rally was abruptly cut short the other day for a very surprising reason. What happened that has the whole Afterlife laughing?

September 22, 2017 12:25 AM PDT

Frank Vincent, an actor famous for his many roles as a mobster on The Sopranos, in Godfather II, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino and other movies, just arrived in the Next World. After he made a short speech, he was greeted by a surprising fan. Who was it and what did he have to say to Vincent?

Harry Dean Stanton, another character better known for his distinctive looks than his name, also just arrived in the Afterlife. When he went to introduce himself to Frank Vincent, the aforementioned fan of Vincent's took offense at being interrupted. How did things turn out? We'll tell you.

Professional wrestling manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was greeted to his new existence by a large crowd of his fans. A former co-worker gave him a big hug and handshake, leading to rumors that Heenan may already have a job waiting for him.

We'll also catch you up on the progress of director Stanley Kubrick's controversial upcoming movie as well as the anti-Trump protests being led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his BFF Adolf Hitler.

September 12, 2017 01:05 PM PDT

Sylvia Browne, self-described psychic, has gotten herself a new act in the Next World. Just wait til you hear what's getting her on the talk shows these days.

The pro-Trump rallies in the Afterlife continue as do the counter-protests led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And his BFF, Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer, by the way, is sporting a radical new look these days. We'll tell you what it is.

Donald Fagen, co-founder of Steely Dan, just arrived in the Next World. He immediately received several job offers, including one from someone we haven't heard from in a while. Who is it and why does his offer raise some intriguing questions?

Stanley Kubrick is rumored to have finished principle photography on the movie he wrested control over from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dali. In typical Kubrickian fashion, rumors are swirling about a sub-plot he supposedly added to the film at the last minute. What is it and whose hackles is it likely to raise?

September 04, 2017 02:39 AM PDT

Comedian Shelley Berman just arrived in the Next World. He was immediately invited to join the all-star comics tour currently making the rounds there. Within hours, though, the promoters were having second thoughts about asking him to come along. We'll tell you why.

The pro-Trump rallies organized by Fred Trump and Charles Lindbergh have taken a turn for the ugly. You'll find out what they're saying to rile up their crowds and the unlikely duo opposing them.

Tobe Hooper, legendary director of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, finally showed up in the Next World. What's being planned to give him the welcome he missed out on?

Stanley Kubrick has taken drastic action on the set of the movie he took over from artists Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat. What's he's done will dramatically change the direction of the troubled project.

August 29, 2017 12:53 AM PDT

Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and other horror classics, has departed the Earthly Plane. He hasn't, however, surfaced in the Next World yet, giving rise to rumors. We'll tell you what people are saying.

Actor Charles Bronson and his actress wife Jill Ireland have been out of the spotlight for years now. Word is that they're poised to return to show biz in a big way. Wait til you hear what's bringing them back and what they've been doing in recent years.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were reunited last week when Jerry arrived in the Afterlife. It looks like big things are in store for the two. A recent incident, however, may have temporarily derailed their momentum. What was it? We'll tell you.

Fred Trump and Charles Lindbergh are holding large rallies in support of Fred's son, the current American president, that some are comparing to Nazi rallies. Now two famous people are planning counter protests. You'll be surprised when you hear who they are.

August 22, 2017 12:06 AM PDT

Comedian Jerry Lewis just arrived in the Next World. A large crowd was on hand to greet him as was a very special person from his past. We'll tell you who it was and how the crowd reacted to the surprise appearance.

Dick Gregory also just arrived in the Afterlife. He was a pioneer in incorporating commentary about race relations into his comedy and is considered a forerunner to the black comedians of today.

Director Stanley Kubrick has issued a shocking order from the set of the mysterious movie he's directing inside iVironment, the Next World indoor rain attraction. Find out what has Afterlife showbiz circles buzzing.

Fred Trump is back in Afterlife news. He and his Nazi sidekick, aviator Charles Lindbergh, have a new crusade that's attracting fans as well as protestors. What are they promoting that has people angrily shouting at each other?

August 15, 2017 12:58 AM PDT

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Glenn Campbell recently arrived in the Next World. A special someone was on hand with a surprise for Glenn and his fans. We'll tell you who it was and what he did that had the crowd in stitches.

Avant-garde composer John Cage was notorious on the Earthly Plane for his unconventional methods of music writing. He's currently touring the Afterlife with a full orchestra. You've never heard anything like one piece they play at every show, however.

Gilda Radner's comedy superhero movie has suspended production. No one is saying exactly why but we'll fill you in the current speculation.

Speaking of movies, there's been a huge shakeup in the making of Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat's oddball film--and it'll change everything about it.

August 08, 2017 02:45 AM PDT

June Foray, longtime voice of many cartoon characters, just arrived in the Next World. A special someone was on hand to greet her upon her arrival. Also she immediate got an intriguing job offer. Wait til you hear who gave it to her and what it is.

We now know who will be playing Gilda Radner's boyfriend in her still unnamed comedy superhero movie. It's someone we've featured recently on the Report.

Joanie Laurer, known as Chyna when she wrestled on the Earthly Plane, recently starred in a stage production of The Taming Of The Shrew. She received critical acclaim for her performance but the accolades seem to have gone to her head. The company has brought someone in deal with her bizarre demands. We'll tell you who that someone is.

A formerly popular Afterlife reality TV show has been canceled suddenly. Which show is it and why did the producers shut down productions?

July 25, 2017 02:11 AM PDT

Actor John Heard, best known as the dad in the Home Alone movies, just transitioned to the Next World. He seemed very happy to be in the Afterlife but did anything mar his arrival ceremony? You'll find out.

Chester Bennington, singer for Linkin Park, also just made his Afterlife debut. Someone with a questionable past approached him after his arrival ceremony. Who was it and how did Bennington react to his approach?

Walt Disney and Steve Jobs are rumored to be on the outs these days. Some are saying that Disney is preparing something to embarrass his business partner. What is it and what are people saying about it?

Jean-Michel Basquiat is reportedly upset by what he sees as showboating on the part of his creative partner, fellow artist Salvador Dali. What strange thing is Dali loudly bragging about to anyone who will listen?

July 18, 2017 12:13 AM PDT

"Night of the Living Dead" director George Romero just transitioned to the Next World. The person who gave him his first show biz job was on hand to greet him. You'll never guess who he is.

Academy Award-winning actor Martin Landau also just arrived in the Afterlife. Someone very famous showed up at his welcoming ceremony to razz him about an extraordinary opportunity Landau turned down early in his career. Who was it and how did Landau react to the ribbing? We'll tell you.

Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Basquiat are not happy about the changes director Stanley Kubrick is making to,their movie project. Now Dali has something new to be upset about--and it involves the Earthly Plane. You won't believe when you hear what it is.

Steve Jobs and Walt Disney are reportedly not speaking to each other. The two publicly deny the rumor but a recent announcement gives credence to the story. What's going on with Mediopolis, the town formerly known as Trump City, that they co-run?

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